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Calling all plate lickers! All those with no self-control unite!

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Portion Control.

Or lack thereof.

You know that feeling after you leave a Mexican restaurant?

Well, imagine having that feeling after every meal. Turns out it’s not just bottomless chips and salsa that make you so full.

Let’s go back in time and analyze just why it took me so long to realize that I need to listen to my body in order to STOP overeating. Unless it’s a holiday, my birthday, or that time of the month.


I don’t want to sound like I am playing the victim here, but when reflecting on my relationship with food, I can’t help but wonder how or when I formed certain eating habits. Or rather, little self-control.

Most children are finicky eaters. It takes bribery of pantry treats in exchange for consuming proper nutrients. I hate to waste food, so learning to eat all your food I think, is an important lesson. But could that be the reason I feel the need to finish my entire plate no matter what the portion size? Was I conditioned as a child?

As a teenager, my Dad, Marcus, would cook beyond extravagant meals.  Cooking is most certainly his love language. He enjoyed late night cooking and would come home from work, relax and unwind, have a drink, and then begin the 2-3 hour long process. Leaving dinner time at around 10 pm. Of course, I had snacks to hold myself over but the cream of pheasant with angel hair was worth the wait.  And please don’t make me relive whenever my Dad hosted a fish fry. I couldn’t move.  I love fried fish and never wanted to hold back.  Basically, in high school living at my dad’s, I was FULL 24/7.  I mean, the man would put an entire stuffed Cornish game hen in my lunch. I’ve always been doomed.

If you don’t get seconds, you’re dead to me.
— Me
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In college, when you have a meal plan there are lots of options. I would frequently have fruit loops for dessert just because they were there.  I try to avoid discussing my college eating habits, because I would rather not divulge, but talk about a time in my life when I became very familiar with the 4th meal of the day. And sometimes, SOBER.

It’s cruel to leave just one slice.
— Me

Up until three months ago I worked in a restaurant. There is something about being surrounded by food that turns me into a scavenger. Whenever there was an extra entrée ordered or a dish was made by mistake, that plate of food would be DEVOURED in less than 10 seconds.  The staff would swarm in… some wouldn’t even grab a fork. And the bread or rolls, aka our actual dinner, forget about it.

Perhaps it was all those years in the restaurant industry that made me so ravenous all the time. It’s as if I formed some sort of fear that If I do not act quickly, I won’t get fed. Either that or I just LOVE food and I have a fear of missing out so, GET OUT OF MY WAY.

I have recently learned to listen to my body.

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Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are full.

Buffets give me anxiety but I’m still holding strong.

I mentally prepare before Mexican or barbeques where I make myself sick because I eat so much.

 If you struggle with not feeling your best because you over do it, remember that tomorrow is another day and there will always be more donuts.

Food for thought: (Get it?),,20769037,00.html

I found this article about portion control. It’s not very detailed, but my favorite take-away is setting the mood in order to slow down (dimming the lights), and taking a lap before eating.



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