New Years Eve Checklist

A List Of Must-Haves As We Welcome 2019. 

Almost Balanced Foodie Hello 2019.jpeg

Every year I build up this false grand plan for NYE. I tell myself I’m going to look the best I have all year in a gown and full glam and attend some exclusive party or eat at some fancy restaurant. Then i’ll dance the night away.. Well, that never happens. The eve creeps up on me and I end up working. Or I go out wearing something I don’t love and making some last minute plan that feels lame. So, this year I am going to be okay with whatever comes my way. That being said, whether you are going out or staying in, here is a list to make your night spectacular.

The Obvious: 

  1. Champagne

  2. Red Lipstick 

  3. Silver or Gold Attire 

  4. Someone to kiss aka someone to pay for your Uber. 

  5. Plans. 

The Not So Obvious: 

  1. A kimono that makes you feel like a million bucks. 

  2. A killer Spotify playlist. 

  3. Themed sugar cookies. 

  4. Cell phone charger. 

  5. Low expectations. 

Almost Balanced Foodie NYE Checklist 1.jpeg

My current favorite Lipsticks: 

Click photo to order.

NARS Fire Down Below

Winky Lux Glimmer Balm

My FAVORITE GF Sugar Cookie Mix:

New Year, Same Bank Account? 

Here’s your itinerary:

1.  Hike or walk your local greenway… Be sure to mix it up or checkout somewhere new. 

2.  Shower and spruce up… you’ll feel better I promise. 

3.  Go through your clothes and find something you don’t normally wear. A dress from 2010 or a top you thought you hated. Even bust out a random sweater… Really go for it… BECAUSE. ..

4.  You’re going bowling. Its a hoot and depending on where you go its C H E A P. 

5.  Then go home, cozy up on the couch and stare at Ryan Seacrest. Pour some more wine and have some goodies (we all know you haven’t started that diet yet) and relax until reality sets in the following day. 

OR… feeling like a host with the most? Real Simple covers the perfect intimate party at home.

Resolutions? I think not. How about some loose, not as intimidating GOALS! 

Almost Balanced Foodie NYE Checklist.jpeg

For example:
In 2019 I will not be so hard on myself. I am going to meditate weekly and focus less on the things that make me anxious. 

If you must get specific…. A dear friend of mine wanted to avoid single use plastic. SURE! Or perhaps not drink Monday through Thursday. 

YOU TRY. Leave your goals in the comments.


Foodie Girl 

Photos taken at RSVP Motel Bozeman. 

Over Christmas I had the pleasure of going back home to Montana. I snuck up to Bozeman for a night and stayed at RSVP. This new motel in Midtown Bozeman is definition instagram-able charm.  It’s champagne themed, vintage-modern fusion decor sets it apart from the mountain town.  It is colorful and delightful with fun signage that reads your mind. And there is an AMAZING cafe.  I will be sharing my cafe experience later in the week. 

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