This Bathroom Spray Changed My Life.

It is no longer taboo to talk about poo. 

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Spray BEFORE you go. 

I interrupt your browsing and ex-stalking for a VERY important Public Service Announcement.  

We all know there is no place like the comfort of our home to poop. And when you got to go, you got to go. As someone who battles with IBS, I am a little too familiar with this feeling.

What if I said I found the cure to the anxiety and stress from relieving yourself abroad?

Poo Pourri

The spray before you go method people.

Why not just light a match?

Sure, the strike on the box has saved the day in the past, but it really only eliminates the initial stinging, stench layer, leaving you with a burnt poo smell. Poo Pourri coats the toilet bowl with essential oils that TRAP the smell ...before it even arrives. 

Ever been backed up on vacation?

It sucks.  There is a pressure to poop when traveling, and when you can’t, it becomes a mental battle. And yet you still eat like your digestive system has never been better. Well, with one of these in your bag, there is nothing to hide.

Happy carefree pooping.

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The original citrus is my favorite. 



Foodie Girl